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Creative City Project Announces Spectacular 2022-2023 Season

Public Notice

At this time, Otownfun is winding down operations because our staff has limited time to update current fun events around Central Florida. This is a full time job. I hope our viewers understand. We will try our best to update some events when time permits. Thank you for your support.


Ned's Life Unfiltered Cartoon Series

Here are some highlights from the 1st night at the UPCI General Conference at the Orange County Convention Center. Photos taken on Oct 4, 2022.

Many families came out to enjoy the day with fine arts and entertainment in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Photos taken on Nov 6, 2022.

2022 Fall Daytona Turkey Run

Many fans came over the Holiday weekend to check out this car show. Photos taken on Nov 24, 2022.

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